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Our professionally skilled metal workers take on custom-made work projects based on your personal wishes with regard to targa tops, fishing rod holders and planar masts for your boat. Our production is founded on wide experience and selection of the best possible materials. For example, our high-quality fishing rod holders are sturdy and prevent the rod from spinning.

As materials, we use polished, glassy HST tubing which effectively shields against corrosion caused by brine. Bending is performed by means of precision CNC engineering and the seams are made using pulse TIG welding, which enables a finished and durable whole for the individual needs of each user.

Pipe sizes:

diameters 200 mm and 25 mm

Enquiries regarding fishing equipment:

Harri Kaasalainen, tel. +358 (0)44 7659 507, harri.kaasalainen[at]

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VA Pop-up tent

You can count the time it takes to assemble one of our pop-up tents in seconds! Our VA pop-up tent is designed to accommodate all sorts of applications connected with rain, wind and visual protection – such as assembly, presentation, dressing, etc.

Technical specifications:

Weight 7 kg
Height 195 cm
Width/depth: 180 x 180 cm




VA Thermal cover

A thermal cover brings extra comfort in your motor caravan when you long for extra insulation against the cold. It also brings privacy inside your vehicle. We make thermal covers for a wide variety of motor caravans. Ask about VA thermal covers from your motor caravan retailer!


Boat canopy accessories and spare parts

Accessories and spare parts catalogue 2021 (pdf)

You can order high-quality spare parts and accessories connected with boat canopies and winter covers from us. By checking the accompanying accessory list, you can see the products you need and send us an order by email: va-varuste[at], or call +358 (0)17 2659 500.

Products are delivered on a cash on delivery (COD) basis. For orders less than €10 in value, there is a small handling charge of €5

You can also visit us and purchase the items you need from us directly. Our business is open to the public on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you wish to order larger quantities, it is advisable to make your order in advance by email or phone so we can pack your accessories ready for easy pickup.



Quick covers

You can order durable, high-quality Enstex fabric quick covers for the front and back seats of your car from us. With a quick cover, you can rapidly protect your vehicle’s seats from damage. The cover is easy to install and remove. It is appropriate for many kinds of requirements that, for example, hikers, farmers, hunters and commercial garages have – not to mention families with children and for transporting dogs.

You can also order quick covers for repair purposes made of water-repellent fabric from us.



Care products

For the cleaning and impregnation of boat textiles, we recommend the Tex’Aktiv product range.

These products are well-suited to Sunbrella fabrics, and are the fabric producer’s officially approved care agents. This way you know that the agents will not damage your fabric.

Tex’Aktiv CLEAN is intended for cleaning boat canopies.

Tex’Aktiv GUARD is intended for boat cover impregnation, which ensures that the canopy is waterproofed and will reject dirt and grime.

These products are available in convenient 1-litre spray bottles.



Mould removal

You can also get professional standard mould removal agents from us. This agent effectively removes spots and ingrained residues caused by mould metabolisms. The agent suits the elimination of mould or stains from boat canopies particularly well. After treatment, the canopy should be impregnated, so it is advisable to order impregnating liquid at the same time.



Repair patch

Tear-Aid is a unique transparent repair patch for repairing tears and holes in practically all materials.Tear-Aid is extremely strong and very elastic. Tear-Aid is no temporarily solution, it is a permanent repair patch which deserves a place in both your outdoor and indoor equipment.

Repairs tears and holes in:

  • tent covers
  • rubber (inflatable-) boats
  • umbrellas and raincoats
  • aluminium
  • fiberglass and more

To achieve proper patch or joint, follow instructions in detail. Check material suitability (, whether to use version A or B.

  • 18 €/package

Send us an order by email: va-varuste[at], or call +358 (0)17 2659 500.

You can also visit us and purchase the items you need from us directly. Our business is open to the public on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m




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